Cool Father's Day Gifts That Your Dad Will Actually Love

Summer is around the corner, and more importantly, it marks a (sometimes overlooked) special day of the year: Father’s Day. On June 21st, the longest day of the year, and incidentally, Music Day too!

When so many things are happening in one day, how can we make our fathers stand out and take the limelight? Especially considering that dads are strong proponents of “not needing anything new”!

What can you gift your dad?

So he deserves something awesome, but what if he is the type who already has everything? For starters, nothing beats personal, quality time with dad to make him feel special.

How? Here are some ideas.

For your dad:

  • Invite him for dinner to his favorite restaurant - everything is allowed
  • Take him on a road trip to his childhood village or a new spot in Lebanon
  • Go to a concert (it is Music Day!) if he’s a music lover

For your husband/kids’ dad:

  • Have your kids make him breakfast in bed
  • Organize a day full of his favorite activities with the family
  • Make a video of the kids saying what they love most about dad

But what about a real present?

Okay so now that you’ve got the special part covered, you need a real gift. Don’t worry, The Little Bundle Shop compiled unique and affordable bundles especially for Father’s Day --hand picking items from the best brands around the world so you can get him a gift that both feel very special without breaking the bank.


If your dad’s the kind with a sweet tooth, we’ve got:

The Dad’s Goodies Bundle

This bundle has awesome “super dad” cufflinks by Luanatic and some chocolate goodies, all in a cool canvas bag.

The Super Baba Goodies Bundle

This bundle has a Super Baba mug by Luanatic, Chocolate Chip Cookies made by I’dad and other chocolate goodies, all in a wooden box.


For the hard working dad, we’ve got:

The Super Baba Office Bundle

This bundle has a Super Baba mug by Luanatic, Chocolate Chip Cookies by I’dad, a Dream Big notebook, and Bobino desk cable clip and glasses clip all in a black wooden box.


If your father is the kind who hogs the bathroom and takes his time to groom himself, we've got:

The Super Dad Grooming Bundle

This bundle comes with a Super Dad wash bag, a beard oil, beard balm and beard brush by Boushanab, and a face towel, in a wooden box.


And if he doesn’t have a beard, you can get him:

The Super Dad Bath Bundle

This bundle includes a Super Dad bathrobe, matching slippers, and a Body Benefits Loofah.


For the cigar lover, we have two exciting bundles:

The Whiskey and Cigar Bundle

This bundle comes with Nikka Whiskey from the Barrel, a double cigar case, with an ashtray and lighter.

The Cigar Bundle

This bundle contains a Double Cigar Case, cigar ashtray and lighter, paired with a “You sir are exceptionally handsome” washbag.


And finally, if you’ve got the dad always ready to prepare the drinks, you have:

The Bar Bundle

This bundle should be a lot of fun, with a 3 piece cocktail shaker, a mixing spoon, a jigger, a muggler, 4 shot glasses, a bottle pourer and a cocktail’s book to get him going!


If he’s more of a “behind the barbecue” kind of dad, then go for:

The King of the Grill Bundle

This bundle has an apron, the Jamie Oliver BBQ book, a basting brush and grill brush, and a fire starter pack.

After you place your order and receive your gift bundle, don’t forget to add something of your own!

Like a handwritten note (fathers always appreciate those!) or a picture of the both of you when you were a kid (he will frame it for sure!). If you’re helping your kids make something, ask them to draw their dad or to make him a special Father’s Day card.

Order today and get it delivered tomorrow!

Thoughtful and creative gifts will surely put a smile on dad’s face, and the best part is, our bundles get delivered to your door anywhere in Lebanon the very next day!

You can order them from our website, directly via WhatsApp on + 961 70 175 975 or by messaging us on Instagram @thelittlebundleshop

Happy Father’s Day!

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