Thoughtful Yet Inexpensive Gifts From Your Kids For Teacher's Day - March 9 (Lebanon Holiday)

Why do we celebrate teacher’s day?

Because aside from us parents, teachers are the wonderful individuals who help shape our children’s minds every day! And the best teachers tend to have significant impact on their lives --and that’s definitely worth celebrating!

In Lebanon, Teacher’s Day is celebrated on March 9, and it is tradition to bring thoughtful gifts the day before.

Now the big question: what to gift them?

It’s not an easy one to answer!

Usually, as parents, we don’t really know teachers’ personalities, and our children are too young to make that call! We want to stay tasteful, yet we also don’t want to get something expensive, especially if we have more than one gift to make!

The Little Bundle Shop - Teacher's Day Special Bundles

Luckily, we did all the thinking for you!

We compiled unique (and affordable!) bundles for this very occasion, because we believe we can show our appreciation without going overboard; and definitely without breaking the bank.

The Teacher Thank You Bundle

For the sweet and feminine female teachers, we recommend The Teacher Thank You bundle that comes in a beautiful wooden box, filled with a scented candle, a small Echeveria plant, and delicious Chocolate chip cookies (perfect for everyone’s sweet tooth!).



The Thank You Super Prof Bundle

For the more practical teachers, replace the candle with a “Super Prof” keychain, with the Thank You Super Prof bundle. Both bundles come with a lovely Thank You card for your kids to personalize.


As for unisex bundles, we’ve also prepared a nice variety!

The Teacher’s Goodies Bundle

Say thank you with this special bundle, which comes with a Super Prof mug and filled with Nescafe sachets and Gandour yummies.


The Teacher’s Office Bundle

Send positive energy with this bundle. It also comes with a mug, chocolates and Nescafe sachets, and a “Dream Big” notebook.


The Mini Arabic Coffee Bundle

This mini coffee bundle comes with traditional Shaffeh cups, coffee blend from Cafe Younes and a porcelain Arabic coffee maker. A sure crowd-pleaser!


How do you make it more personal and involve your kids?

Now that you’ve got the gift, it’s time to personalize it and involve your kids.

After all, it is up to them to show their appreciation. Help them write a few lines to tell their teacher how they’ve positively impacted them.

It’s always easier to participate when you don’t have to do much of the thinking!


Order today and get it delivered the next day

Simple but thoughtful gifts always put a smile on a person’s face, and the best part is, our bundles get delivered to your door anywhere in Lebanon the very next day!


You can order them from our website, directly via WhatsApp on + 961 70 175 975 or by messaging us on Instagram @thelittlebundleshop


Happy Teacher’s Day!

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