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The Kids Baking Bundle



Baking with kids is the one activity guaranteed to be fun and exciting for both parent and child. Make their afternoons adventurous by offering them this colorful baking bundle including 'The Big Baking Book' and all the tools needed.

This Bundle includes: 

A Mixing Bowl 
‘The Big Baking Book’ by Ella’s Kitchen 
A Silicone Spatula
A Silicone Whisk 
A Silicone Pastry Brush 
A Silicone Rolling Pin 
An Icing Bag
A set of measuring spoons
A set of Cookie cutters 
A set of Paper Cupcake Liners
      Order yours today and have it delivered the next day for $3 inside Beirut and $4 outside Beirut. Choose to pay online or cash on delivery!